Wednesday, 27 July 2022

It's time for Evolution to proceed! The long-awaited follow-up to a popular, well-known sci-fi online game is now available! It tells you a tale about the Utopian universe from a different perspective.

The mood of the Evolution that millions of gamers come to like is replicated in the second episode. The Evolution 2's gameplay has radically evolved, evolving into action-packed killing games that combine third person shooters, action games, strategy games, and role-playing games!

You'll be surprised by the breathtaking story's unexpected turns!

Planet Utopia is where it is. It was once a getaway for galactic billionaires, but it was transformed into a hellish wasteland by vicious marauders, monsters, and war robots. Here, a constant battle is being fought.

Combat in endless shooting games is coming! Use the psi-energy of captain Blake, the game's main character, to fight with strong weaponry. He acquired his superpowers in a risky experiment, and he's prepared to use them against any foe you direct!

Unique sci-fi setting. Engage in space post-apocalyptic biopunk run and gun games set on a distant planet.

Unique balance of genres. FPS? TPS? Better! A fusion of strategy, RPG and third person shooter – a revolution in fps multiplayer games, featuring the ingenious combat system.

Tactical gameplay. Upgrade your character and their companion, select the most efficient weapon, and exploit weaknesses of your enemies.

Engaging PvE campaign. Plenty of missions and epic bosses. Your enemies become stronger from battle to battle.

Online shooter battles. Battle in full online games. Win the top positions in the rating and receive unique bonuses for your victories in multiplayer shooter!

Armory of the future. Some of the most fantastic special weapons in shooting games featuring unique statistics and upgrade system! It's not only good old firearms, like shotgun or machine gun! Enjoy the energy, acid and bionic cannons! Play sniper games and take enemies from afar!

Upgrade your base: unlock new premises and learn the technologies of the future! Evolution without limits!

Interactive arenas and realistic 3D animation grant complete immersion in TPP action games!