Monday, 1 August 2022

Come and explore this vast open world, a world filled with mysteries and adventures! In Planet Noah, you can enter the metaverse of a separate world and have a great chance to meet other explorers. You will make new acquaintances from all around the world through a wide range of lifestyles. There will always be a spot for you on the globe to join in with others, whether you want to enjoy the excitement of exploring in the wild with others or even fight alongside your guildmates. Together, let's record your planet Noah adventure!

Life on a Seamless Planet
No boundaries, no limitations. Explore every single part of this massive one-of-a-kind world!
Enjoy a free life on planet Noah, everything you need can be crafted by specializing in different occupations. The planet is rich in resources, while you are exploring, be on the lookout for resources that are waiting for you to collect.

Summon and Fight with Historical Figures
Summon the Phantoms of historical figures and have them join your adventure on planet Noah. Fight side-by-side with Phantoms to see how they use the wisdom and power of great persons in the parallel world of Noah’s Heart. Build bonds with them to know about their unique stories. Phantoms will be your most reliable partners in combat and life.

Journey with Friends
Your journey on planet Noah will never be alone! Make friends from all over the world and build your favorite guild together. Complete tasks and earn guild rewards to make your guild stronger every day! Share the exploration life with guild members and friends, team up with them to challenge dungeons. Your adventures will always be full of laughter and joy on planet Noah!